Q1. How do I get started with DrDev?
Simple! Hop onto our site www.drdev.com and click the link Contact Us Fill in the basic details there and we will get back to you at priority.

Alternatively you can directly call us at +1 548-554-451

Q2. Do you provide free quotes?

Yes generally we provide you with Free Quotes. Once the requirements are understood by the technical team, the time and cost estimates are provided by the sales side. Usually if the understanding phase takes more than a week, then charges apply.

Q3. What technologies do you specialize in?

We operate exclusively in the Microsoft .NET domain, specializing in ASP.NET, MVC, SHAREPOINT, WPF and SILVER LIGHT.

Q4. Do you follow any structured Client engagement process for the benefit of customers?

Yes we do. We follow our unique and indigenous work flow model mentioned in detail on the home page of our site under the heading- how we work. This is a convenient and well defined company-client working model, with special focus on the customer’s ease-of-understanding and smooth correspondence.

Q5. How can I be confident of the quality and reliability of your services?

Customer satisfaction is our top focus and in fact our service USP. We adhere to set professionally standards of functioning in the global software development sector and have evolved with a well-defined work cycle that has independent quality checks at every designated milestone. The result is a very robust and reliable delivery

Q6. I would like a rough guess of my project cost. What should I do?

Once you provide us the basic requirements inputs of your proposed project, our sales team will promptly asess your requirements and provide you with an estimated cost of your project. For this purpose you can request a quote from our site www.drdev.com.

Q7. How to sign a project contract with you?

Please go to our site www.drdev.com and on its home page you will find the header How we work. You will get all the relevant information.

Q8. Do you undertake software testing, verifications and QA services?

Yes, we have a dedicated team to undertake software testing, verifications QA services. This includes System, functionality, feature, integration and compatibility testing on various platforms, peak load and performance testing, test case preparations, execution of test cases, and reporting. To get a snapshot of such services, go to Software Testing.

Q9. Once you start my application development process, can I expect a single point contact for smooth liaising and follow-up?

Yes indeed. Every customer at DrDev gets a unique ID generated the moment he/she signs a work contact for a particular project with us. This envisages a single window contact system, where all communications are handled by a dedicated project manager that gets assigned your project ID. This ensures a smooth and hassle free client-company liasing & follow-up.

Q10. What is the bug fixing procedure and the average response time?

As a rule of thumb, all such customer exigencies are dealt with promptly. Depending on the complexity of the malfunction or a bug, response time for fixing such issues may range from 12 hours to a week.

Q11. How robust is your post-development maintenance & support?

Feel assured of a reliable & quick post production support and maintenance with us. Yes, we do support all software we design on the basis of Support Agreement . This generally includes bug-tracking and fixing, feature enhancements and developments.

Q12. Do you provide system documentation?

Yes. The SRS document along with the code and added comments is supplied to the client at the completion of the project.

Q13. Do you provide end-user documentation?

We will handover end-user documentation only in cases where it is unequivocally cited in the work contract, for which you might need to pay an additional fee which is mentioned in the project contract document itself.

Q14. How do you handle change requests from your customers?

We have a well-defined Standard operating procedure (SOP) in this regard. A customer gets in touch with the corresponding Project manager, who has been assigned his/her project ID. Any change request is duly taken care of by the concerned staffer. For further details on this please visit our home page and follow the section HOW WE WORK.

Q15. How do I pay DrDev? Do I need to send you an upfront deposit?

We have two payments options for the convenience of our valued customer:

1. Fixed Cost option: Here we charge a Fixed amount for our services to be determined by our sales team after understanding your software requirements and working out budgeting thereof. Once a consensus with client is reached, we will ask you to deposit 30% of the total fee and thereafter coding commences. Remaining amount is paid in two equal installments during the application development life cycle.

2. Hourly Cost option: With this option you can hire our resources persons dedicated exclusively to developing your project on a per hour basis . Depending on the complexity and resource involved, our sales team works out the estimated number of hours to be incurred or alternatively you can opt paying running hours and continue as long as your require our services. You get WEEKLY TIME SHEETS from our side describing the details including the hours incurred. Once the time sheet is approved by the customer, we follow it up by sending you the corresponding invoices.

We accept payments by PayPal, Cheque, bank draft or wire transfer.
Q16. I have concerns about Intellectual sales team property Ownership. Who owns the final product?

Your project code remains secured on our servers as long as you need us to. A customer owns the final outcome (product) and hence gains the full ownership rights.

Q17. How do you manage project data confidentiality and insulate it from any attempted theft, copying or plagiarism?

We vouch for your data confidentiality and security to prevent any misuse including copying, theft or selling it to a third party. To keep your data confidential, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement between Company & Client before you divulge any information to us. Your project data and inputs documentation will be shared only with our in-house employees & staff, who are bound by the compliance clauses of our employement policy.

Q18. What time zone are you in?

Pacific Time Zone

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