• Highly experienced software solution provider, with
    foresight and deep knowledge of turning businesses into
    success stories globally
    We will help you lift your business up the ladder with visible results
    Our digital solutions will resonate in perfect harmony with your
    business goals
  • Scale up your digital business trajectory with
    smart applications for client acquisition & retention
    with DrDev !
    We will guide your path to success accurately & devise
    simplified software solutions to seemingly
    complex business requirements
  • Get closer than ever to your customer base and
    earn their valuable SATISFACTION
    We will map your businesses, startups and existing alike,
    gain insight, identify your business strengths, devise an actionable roadmap
    and go on to weave a robust Business-Client interface
    that your customers will relish
  • Get into the fast growing Mobile business world. Our mobile apps solutions
    are developed for maximum impact, ease-of-use
    and increasing your revenues
    Get started and catch your customer on the go !
  • Our services are best-in-class & robust in performance
    We guarantee our customers a seamless end-user experience,
    functional consistency & product reliability

What We Do

DrDev weaves robust solutions for your online business with best-in-class Web & Mobile applications and instant support services. Whether you are a small business looking for an online presence or an established site looking for expanding your customer reach – we will do it all SATISFACTORILY - Simply because we have done it successfully for so many years now!

our service sphere

We serve small and mid-size budget businesses in diverse industries across the globe using .NET technology platform. Our endeavor is to help our clients leverage their business strengths digitally and achieve desired business goals with measurable results

Let your online business take flight with us!

DrDev strategizes & forecasts your digital business roll-outs smartly. Whether executing a new app for a client or building that perfect network system for another, our core values remain constant - an endless pursuit of innovation & simplification in a budget friendly and time bound manner

  • We deliver smart solutions for fresh customer acquisition

  • Our app solutions will enable high customer retention rate

  • We always return e-mails and calls within one business day

  • Our smart solutions are cost competitive & price affordable

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Our technology expertise

We are an exclusive .NET shop for the development and deployment of applications for your businesses. Our custom applications will help you gain better flexibility, reduce costs and improve responsiveness

DrDev's service spectrum is driven by five key technologies in the .NET domain
DrDev is an exclusively dedicated .NET solution provider, specializing in ASP.NET, MVC, SHAREPOINT, WPF and SILVER LIGHT.
.NET Framework enables Rapid Application Development and allows software practitioners to utilize most functional and scalable methods during application development process and deliver integrated solutions. From simple Web Application to more complex & ambitious .NET projects, our developers will code stable, easy-to-use, interactive and functional web applications, with ample scalability and integration capacity of your businesses. We deliver full cycle services- from software development to continuous support and maintenance of the deployed software across all major industries. We help your realize your software project goals, reduce development time and costs by achieving a high return on investment for your .NET applications

Our Work

With over 200 Projects and counting across all major business sectors in the US and outside of it , we have visibly accelerated digital growth and expanded online reach of our clients to propel their business towards their ambitious goals

Here are some references


Brian Karcher

Founder and VP of Technology at
Colony Games Interactive

"DrDEV is an expert software solution provider . Never before have I seen someone so up to date on new technologies, driven to produce quality code, and supreme attention to detail. Anybody who hires them is very lucky."

February 19, 2015, Brian was DrDev Inc.'s client.

How we serve you

We like being simple and planned in our own distinctive work style. A key prerequisite for our work approach is a well defined Client-Company engagement model. We have thus evolved a structured approach; a synthesis of decades of handling clients and the lessons learnt thereof. This helps minimize all potential communication or operational breakdowns between DrDev and it's global clientele.

Our Four leg work model covers
  • Planning

    Your Project

  • Developing

    Your Project

  • Delivering

    Your Project

  • Support

    Support & Scalability of
    your project

Intelligent Minds – Intelligent solutions

Our vast experience with global teams, our exclusivity in .NET technology solutions, and our extensive knowledge of business process improvement are the key advantages that our team collectively offers YOU - the client.
  • Sammy Dev / CEO - Founder

    Conceptualized in 1992 by the visionary and technology entrepreneur "Sam", DrDev quickly understands your digital business challenges Here are the top five that lead our rich talent pool.

  • Ravinder Singh / Lead Architect

    An ace developer Ravinder Singh has his bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences from the prestigious Thapar University in India. With over a decade of hands on experience as .NET coder, Ravinder is a core resource person in our setup and heads the Indian chapter of our company. His skill repertoire includes programming technologies like .net, Java, HTML 5 and mobile application development. He is our principal liaison with responsibilities ranging from managing client software projects to overseeing product development as a software architect. He has panache for innovation and has been an inspiration behind some of our flagship ventures. His creative solutions and ideation capacities makes him a key asset for our organization.

    Ravinder can be reached on his email ravinder@mindfieldsoft.com

    To view his linked in profile visit http://in.linkedin.com/in/mindfieldmd

    Skype ID : hiricky84

  • Rana Singh / Front-end Developer

    An avid reader and traveler Rana is a middle rung professional in the Microsoft .NET domain. He has a degree in Computer sciences and works as a lead developer with specialization in Share point technology platform. He has been part of some important projects at Drdev . His current work location is Mohali India.

    His Skype ID is: Rana Singh

  • GUS / COO

    Gus Calderon, COO is a native of California. He entered the technology world in the financial sector, working for TransFirst. After a few years in this niche, he migrated to working primarily with credit card processors and pre-paid card processors. His extensive knowledge in the technology field and affinity for project management allowed him to seamlessly transition into his position here at DrDev. Gus handles all accounts at Dr Dev and he is known to always quote movies. When not working at DrDev, he devotes his time to beach bootcamps and loves coaching his daughter's soccer and softball team.

  • Tracey Dev / CFO

    Born and raised in Waterford Connecticut, Tracey received her B.A. from the University of Connecticut. Her adventurous spirit led her to move to California where she worked as a freelance software trainer. Her freelance work led her to land a position as a software trainer for In-N-Out Burger. During her position here, she met Sammy. They married in 1991 and in 2001 they created Dr.Dev, where she handled operations and finances. She is an word puzzle master, a tapping queen and she loves amphibians. Above all, she most enjoys spending time with their two children, Amelia and Max.

Our Clients