Delivering (Applications) involves the following 3-steps procedure:

1. Incremental deliverables: This part of the journey is most rewarding, as we share the fruits of our smart labor with a given client. The idea is not to hand you over the final application in one go, rather carry you along a rewarding engagement plan - where you are not just a witness to each milestone, but an informed participant in our incremental modular progress. This systematic approach allows us to fine tune a designated deliverable to full customer satisfaction that too within a set timeline. This is what we call ‘Walk the talk’. Our past experiences with different software development methodologies culminated in shaping this particular approach that tasted significant & measurable success. In such a mode of client-company engagement framework, results remain predictable, satisfying and rewarding.

2. Code review & Testing: In any software development life cycle, Review & Testing in central to a successful application. Our project managers enforce Test Driven Development (TDD) and code review as a critical part of the project development process. Code corrections are implemented based on test outcomes.

3. Quality Assurance:  A robust structured system design plus an aggressive quality assurance effort, allows software applications to meet customer expectations and approval. Our Quality Assurance team tests the application using manual and automated methods against various test cases, test plans and user acceptance criteria. In addition to unit and functional testing, integration testing is performed by combining various modules and testing them end-to-end. In web Application cases, testing is undertaken for cross-browser support as well as for performance under peak load and stress situations.

Our Work Model

  • Planning
  • Developing
  • Delivering
  • Support