First things first - Here is the simple step wise procedure that you & us will follow:

A: `Hello I need you`. It all begins here. You approach us through our website, Email, telephone or any of our digital media Channels.

B: Client requirement: Our sales team gets back to you and holds a discussion with you in person or Online . Here we understand the nature of your business, specific business objectives and the propable software features that will optimally fit into your set of technical requirements.

C: Engagement Plan: Upon refining the requirements collected from the client, we develop an Engagement plan that details the following:

  • Team structure : Determination & assigning of resources
  • Technical platform : Technology involved
  • Milestones & Estimates : Project timeline , deliverables , budgeting

D: Project Contract: Once consensus is reached between a client & DrDev, a project contract gets duly signed and this makes way for the next leg of developing your project

Our Work Model

  • Planning
  • Developing
  • Delivering
  • Support