Support & Scalability of your project completes the process:

A: Support: As customers start using our designed applications, occasional Support issues keep popping-up and need instant attention. For this we provide comperhensive Support Services including Bug fixing, performance optimization and backup services.

B: Feedback and Corrections: Every project at DrDev gets assigned a unique ID, the moment a project contract is signed with a client. This ID serves as an instant reference to any communication between a client and DrDev. Each ID in-turn is handled by a dedicated project manager, who keeps in constant touch with a corresponding Client. This allows for a hassle free instant communication and generates a continuous feedback loop to provide a dynamic redressal mechanism for clients. We employ dedicated project management tools for this purpose to streamline all Company-Client communication and maintain a repository of Client Communication logs for future reference.

C: Scalability: As your traffic increases, our Code & Architecture is there to accommodate both the Vertical and Horizontal operational up-scaling. We write our code and design our architecture in a manner that it overrides any potential issue in your business growth or meeting expanding user base.

Our Work Model

  • Planning
  • Developing
  • Delivering
  • Support