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Performance Consistency and Functional Reliability of any software under stress situations are two critical benchmarks for us. Years & years of experience have enriched our approach to Software Testing & Quality Assurance. We have taken a qualitative leap in the testing arena employing distinct indigenous methods. This empowers you with a key business value – TRUST in your Application

In a Software Life Cycle, Testing remains a key parameter for its risk free implementation and optimum performance. As modern day software forms the core of your businesses, we accord Testing significant attention and priority at DrDev. Hence we choose to walk that extra mile by testing every possible scenario in which an application is likely to be used by your end user.

Work Approach (process): We have adopted a systematic testing procedure to pin down any potential Error, Bug, Security Gap or malfunction while executing a program. With disruptive platforms and market demands inspiring vendors to consistently launch new products and functionalities for platforms like Cloud, Mobility and Social Media, we are witnessing a profound impact that has necessitated a change in the methodology and delivery of Testing Services. At every step of a Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), we have formulated a unique indigenous testing strategy that maximizes functional efficacy and adheres to the highest conceivable quality assurance parameters of this trade.

Our past case studies are eloquent testimonies to our performance success ratio and hence the belief that our tested software will never let your business operations get hampered or disrupted. Your trust is our end goal. And shall always be.

Key Services in Software Consulting & Quality Assurance Include
1. Life-Cycle Testing

Traditional services including Functional, Regression, Non-Functional, Test Automation and other types and levels of testing across the life-cycle.

2. Digital and Mobility Testing

Our digital and mobile testing ensures that end users enjoy a pleasant seamless, differentiated experience across channels under real user conditions.

3. Enterprise Application Testing

The entire application is divided into major functional modules and each of them is tested as a sub-system. Later a system test confirms that these subsystems work fine when integrated with each other. Integrated product is then run through all testing parameters for performance consistency and real time peal load user experiences.

4. API and Web Service Testing

Our robust web service testing automation framework enables you to run advanced functional and non-functional tests at the web services layer allowing for a quick creation and execution of automated functional, regression, compliance and load tests

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